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"The best people in the world are people with disabilities.

The second best are the people who love them."

                                                      - Taylor Koonce

Everything I do is toward building a more inclusive, independent, and purposeful life for people with disabilities. 

I have a Masters of Education in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism, over 1000 hours of experience, experience with all ages, and all kinds of intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

I have developed and carried out lessons in life skills, social skills, independent living skills, money management, reading comprehension, and many more. I have carried out numerous behavioral interventions and have created all kinds of visual accommodations. I have also developed my own secret formula on how to create a successful adaptive fitness programs for teens and adults that can be used in any program or facility. 

I am always looking for the next best thing to able people with disabilities, because this is my village. 


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