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Why You Should Hire People with Disabilities

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Did you know once people with disabilities graduate from high school most of them sit at home the rest of their life?

This varies city to city, but a lot of places do not have programs post secondary for people with disabilities; there just isn't anything for them to do.

How would you feel if you were told you couldn't do anything or that there was nothing for you?

You would feel you have no purpose, right?

Well that's what a job can give people with disabilities.

1. A Job Can Give Them a Purpose

To a lot of people with disabilities a job isn't so much about the money, but about being included and needed.

It gives them a purpose.

If you take the time to train them, show them what you expect them to do.

You will have one heck of an employee, who more often than not, will not quit until the job is done 100% right.

2. Boost Work Environment Morale

People feed off people's energy.

Your business may be some people's dream job or it may be some people's way of getting by. But regardless, we all feel the burdens of life's struggles from time to time.

Now, I won't say this won't happen to your employee with a disability (they are only human of course!), but I can almost promise you that their attitude in the work environment will boost everyone around them

To them, that job is their sanctuary. They have purpose, they have friends, they get to meet new people, they get to live a normal life just like everyone else.

For some people with disabilities, that job may be the best thing that has ever happened to them, even if it's doing something others would find less than glamourous.

Not only is the job very important to them, but their coworkers will be too. They will bring your team closer together.

They will also change you. We all get so caught up in everyday life burdens and stresses that sometimes we need someone to bring us back down to earth.

Your employee will brighten your business and bring everyone back down to earth more than you can even imagine.

3. Strong Relationships with Customers

Have you ever been to a place that had an employee with a disability?

If your answer was yes, then you remembered that business.

People remember things they really like, especially if it has an emotional connection.

People with disabilities take the time to get to know people, truly get to know people. They are genuinely interested in their lives.

They also have a way of making you feel included and loved.

When you see an employee like that it automatically makes you think more highly of the business itself.

People will come back, maybe not for your service or product, but for interactions with their new friend.

If you are still on the fence about hiring someone with disabilities or have any questions, PLEASE shoot me an email or comment! I'd love to help you!

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What do you think are some benefits of hiring someone with disabilities?

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